Juan Eduardo Reid

Founder of Patagonia Yacht Charter, he has been actively sailing since 1984, starting in the Optimist Class, then in MJ26, in the J/24 and Lightning and then embarking on the larger sailboats such as the IMS and Soto 40. He is currently helmsman of the Soto 40 Mitsubishi-Motors and has his own J/70 project to sail with friends. After 12 years at the helm of Windmade he states, "Our main goal is to make sailing an accessible sport and to offer competitive prices to our customers." "We work hard to be responsive to our customers' needs." "We love sailing on One Design fleet and fast cruising boats, we want our clients to experience the thrill of real sailing." The idea of Patagonia Yacht Charter was born to give everyone the opportunity to sail or catamaran the fjords of Patagonia Verde and deliver the experience from the point of view of the sailors.

Sebastián Cánovas

Captain for Patagonia Yacht Charter with more than 25 years of sailing experience, including round-the-world trips, Sebastián has both the technical expertise and passion for the sailing industry and the sport in general. "What motivates me the most is the paradise we have in Patagonia, every day more and more Chileans must sail in those waters".

Rodrigo Caballero

Rodrigo Caballero started sailing while living in Antofagasta. There he was able to sail in laser and especially in Lightning. Together with a group of friends he raced many Lightning regattas in Chile and abroad. Over time he began to be interested in offshore sailing until he finally embarked on a sailing trip from Chile to Jamaica. That trip was a turning point in his life, as he decided to dedicate himself to charter sailing and boat transfers. For several years Rodrigo has been sailing during the summers in Patagonia with Patagonia Yacht Charter and in the winters he works in the Caribbean with Broadreach in sailing programs for children.